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Contact Avril Capper 01252 713280  capper.avril@gmail.com
Or Lis Randall

9th January       7.45pm Galatians 1 11 Mayfield, Rowledge
23rd January    7.45pm Galatians 2 7 The Avenue Rowledge
6th February    7.45pm Galatians 3-4 Little Acre Fullers Road Rowledge
20th February  7.45pm Galatians 4 11 Mayfield, Rowledge
6th March         7.45pm Galatians 5-6 50 Echo Barn Lane
20th March Easter Reflection 50 Echo Barn Lane
Joint village prayer meeting

3rd Thursday of every month 
2 Prospect Road, hosted by Bob and Anne Blackman.
Held jointly with Methodist Church congregation members.

For more information  please contact
David Ashby  01252 795438  1aandd2@gmail.com