Planned Giving

Giving for Life
The members of St James’ Church support our various ministries here in Rowledge, nationally and across the world, which costs us over £17,500 per month.
If you are a visitor (or indeed a regular!) and would like to give something to God’s work here, please use one of the white envelopes at the end of the pews, fill out your name and address and put your offering in our collection during the service. If you pay UK Income Tax and/or Capital Gains Tax, at least equal to the amount that all Charities and Community Amateur Sports Clubs to which you give will reclaim for this year, we can reclaim an additional 25% from the Inland Revenue to further support our work. Thank you.
If you are a regular at St James’, please ask for a Giving Form to enable you to join our Planned Giving Scheme, or speak to Mike Randall (792007).